Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wish List : Places to go this summer

This is Batad Rice Terraces, a 5 hour trek from the town proper of Banaue where another rice terrace can also be seen. Banaue, however, may have been a victim of over-population as more houses can be seen erected on the rice terraces. Except for a few patches of houses, Batad is more pristine in a sense. Batad is the only amphitheater-style rice terrace in the region.

I went to Batad a few years ago and this photo was taken using my old 2MP digicam. I want to bring JM and Dai here. Another 2 hours of trek for the newbie brings the visitor to a scenic waterfall. The trek to Batad is not for the newbie. You have to travel light and bring plenty of water. The slope will sometimes be a steep 60 degree-staircase type trail.

Very scenic and awe-inspiring. Don't miss this in your lifetime...

This is Banaue Rice Terraces

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Will You Hate Me?

Right after Dai took her final examination for Physics, she sent me a text message. She was not confident that she will pass as this subject had been her waterloo ever since high school. She said "Dad will you hate me if I flunk the exam? As my punishment, it is OK if I will not go on-line for a month." I was touched by her message.

I read the SMS and reserved my reply for later. So when she went on-line after she arrived home, I told her that of course I will never hate her even of she flunks all her subjects. For me, it is important that she tries and keeps trying. It is just a matter of time and she would have had her diploma in psychology at the University of the Philippines. What she does is for her own future. She is aware of that, despite the difficulties she would have to hurdle.

Sometimes, and quite unknowingly, we put pressure on our children's education. I have tried very much not to but sometimes this would show despite our efforts not to make them feel that way. I have always been open in my management of their studies. I leave them be responsible enough for their own education. To wit, before an exam day, I would not even ask them to review. I simply ask them if they feel they are ready for the exam and confident that they can pass it. I just let them do as they please - computer games, surfing, or watching TV. That should relax them before an exam.