Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wish List : Places to go this summer

This is Batad Rice Terraces, a 5 hour trek from the town proper of Banaue where another rice terrace can also be seen. Banaue, however, may have been a victim of over-population as more houses can be seen erected on the rice terraces. Except for a few patches of houses, Batad is more pristine in a sense. Batad is the only amphitheater-style rice terrace in the region.

I went to Batad a few years ago and this photo was taken using my old 2MP digicam. I want to bring JM and Dai here. Another 2 hours of trek for the newbie brings the visitor to a scenic waterfall. The trek to Batad is not for the newbie. You have to travel light and bring plenty of water. The slope will sometimes be a steep 60 degree-staircase type trail.

Very scenic and awe-inspiring. Don't miss this in your lifetime...

This is Banaue Rice Terraces

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