Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bringing My Kid To School

This morning, my son's first class is at 8:00am. He studies at the nearby National Science High School. He is in second year. So we took off at 7:45am as the school is just a 5-minute drive using the motorbike. I use the bike more often now as gas prices are still considerably high even as crude prices in the world market have gone down over the last few months.

I noticed that that the motorbike sways a bit and tries to follow crevices in the road uncontrollably. So we pulled over and found out we got ourselves a flat tire. Off he went and just took the public transportation jeep, we were barely a little over a kilometer away from his school.

JM will normally take the jeepney ride to school but when my schedule permits, I enjoy the ride when I take him to school. Sooner or later, he would no longer appreciate these simple little things as he would have a "world of his own". For now, I shall enjoy this.


  1. ...the same reason why I decided to leave my very successful corporate life. I know I made the right decision, like you I shall enjoy it for as long as it last... A

  2. Very true, I could not imagine my life if I would have exchanged the material benefits and fringes over the time I spent with my children after my corporate stint. After all, money is not everything... It certainly did not make me that happy at all. we still need it though...