Saturday, March 21, 2009

Missing Out On Graduation : OFW Dad's Woe

Last Wednesday, my cute niece Jhamaica graduated from nursery school with second honors. We are so proud of our princess. Her mom, grandma and Ate Dai was there to celebrate the event. It was held at the provincial convention center with all the politicians doing their political show-your-face around before the coming elections. Their speeches lasted more than the actual graduation ceremonies.

While mom was there, and so was her grandma, it was a sad sorry miss for her dad, who must be so proud of his "unica-hija" princess, too. Bob is working as a chef in a luxury cruise ship based in Miami, Florida. They do the weekly Caribbean cruise. This, I could imagine, is a bit frustrating for Bob who I am sure would have gone home if it would have been okay or possible. He has to deal with the sorry miss as he has to make sure the future of his children will be secured. My sis Malynn fills in the gap for Bob - superwoman. She have been doing this for the past 8 years or so. This is the setback of being an overseas foreign worker (OFW). One misses out on special events like this. Yes we have digicams, video cams, YM, skype to get to each other no matter where we are but nothing feels like being there - feeling the moment of triumph.

Several years ago, I got a contract to work in Canada for two years. It was nearly just a formality to get the temporary working visa but at that time my daughter Dai was due to graduate in less than two years. I will surely miss that out too. I will not be able to go home for the next two years once I sign the contract, or it will be very expensive. That I could not take. Being separated - it would really be a sad, sorry miss. Bottom line, I did not sign the contract - I have no regrets. Nothing beats the feeling of telling your child how proud you are for her and thanking her for bearing with you.

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