Sunday, March 22, 2009

Simple Joys

When we started our restaurant business a year ago, I had very little time to do my usual tinkering in the house, something I enjoyed during spare time and weekends. Two of my desktops broke down after a massive trojan attack brought about by ipod file transfers Dai got from her school. It amazes me that net shops and the school itself can miss out on protecting their network environment against virus attacks. This brought our home networks down and we simply relied on our laptops for our daily net and work activities via the wifi connection.

A month ago, my cousin and I decided to lease out the restaurant to friends following some substantial dip in sales - stop the bleeding!! We decided we would have to weather this recession out. Now, I have more time to do all the tinkering and clean up of my mess in the house (lol). So I started to work on my son's gaming desktop. After the massive Trojan attack, the network could not be accessed and we simply get all BFOD (blue face of death) messages - ha ha! Luckily the HDD did not fail, it just got corrupted so I had to start from dusting to installation of software, updates, etc... It took me one whole day to do the hardware and software repairs.

It took until the wee hours of the following day to get the PC up, set up in JM's desk, his favorite game all set to go. Of course I had to install as well software for Dai, as she could use the desktop in her spare time to do graphics and movie editing. I installed a few software I needed to work, whatever that may be.

I was so spent... JM, as expected, woke up early in the morning to check if all was OK. He was a bit excited as summer vacation is just around the corner so it was just right that his gaming PC was up else summer will be boring. Well he has to go through all the exams first but that is all okay. He has done well in school anyway.

Vacation also means I would not have to spend so much on allowances. What a respite...


  1. sometimes small things for us can be bigger to other people, like for jm. i bet you just made his vacation break a lot more enjoyable!

  2. thanks, i was really hoping i would make the vacation at least enjoyable